December 31, 2007

Marble Collecting:

Here are my recommendations for beginning a marble collection:

FIRST, get informed by researching the Internet, talking with experts, and reading quality books and guides. To see my list of recommended books and guides CLICK HERE.

SECOND, attend marbles shows, which are great places to discuss, see and hold marbles. CLICK HERE for a list of shows by date and location.

THIRD, become a member of a marble association. To see a list of marble organizations, CLICK HERE.

FOURTH, when you actually begin collecting, collect what you like. In other words, you will be the owner of the collection, so make sure its one you'll like in the future.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Hello I found a bennington Marble in a park in Austin tx. The park that it was found in has been around sense 1920? It was found in the field that had just be leveled. It is not perfectly round and when you tap it on your teeth it feels and sounds like glass or a pearl.
its brown white and has black dots. can some one give me some information about it? I m very excited about my find! Signed Hooked!