June 21, 2009

Contemporary Mica

marbles, glass, collectible, collector, mica, contemporary, Marble Forum, marbleforum.org

This golden yellow 2 inch contemporary mica was made about 20 years ago by an unknown artist. Do you know who made it?

June 4, 2009

Ben Burton Glass

marbles, glass, collectible, collector, Ben Burton, Ben Burton Glass, contemporary, sulphide, Marble Forum, marbleforum.org

A carrot marble by Ben Burton

June 1, 2009

Box Set of Akro Agate Ringers

marbles, glass, collectible, Akro Agate, ringers, 1930s, Bill and Vicki BassMarble Forum, marbleforum.org

Box set of Akro Agate "Ringers" made in the 1930s. From the collection of Bill and Vicki Bass.