April 2, 2008

Atlanta Star Marbles

The story goes that these "porcelain" marbles are from the Civil War era and were dug up while excavating in the City of Atlanta in preparation for the Olympics. However, the story is a hoax, and curiously enough, these 3/4" marbles appear to be painted steel balls. I'd throw them away, but they actually make me smile. Who knows, maybe I'll still throw them away?! :)


Anonymous said...

I had learned (and correct me if im worng) that these "starred" marbles were called "generals" and were made from ironite, the same material used in the making of cannon balls, hence the weight and density.

George Hilbish said...

Well, I have one. It is is not heavy like a metal ball.

I heard that they were made by a toy company in Atlanta, possible the Atlanta marble co. or the likes. At the end of the Northern invasion as supply ran low these marbles were used by the Confederacy as musket balls.