March 2, 2008

Contemporary Sulphides by Jim Davis

marbles, glass, sulphide, Jim Davis, contemporary, collectibleI met Jim Davis a few years ago at a marble show and he told me that he made just two of these train sets. My grandson Jacob is now the proud owner of this set of 2" marbles.

To see other examples of the superior quality of Davis Marbles, visit their website by CLICKING HERE.


Anonymous said...

The train looks amazing. How does the marble maker not melt or destory the toy train piece or any object inserted when the marble is made?

Joan said...

A simple answer is the marble makers use high fire clay for the figurine. This is a good question though, so I'll explain more in an upcoming posting of a sulphide.

Anonymous said...

I have the Engine of this train in absolute MINT condition. What is the value?