June 13, 2008

New JABO Book

- Review of JABO A CLASSIC by Sturtz and Johnson -

Tired of boring marble books? Want to have a read that's the ultimate scoop and inside track on the hottest marbles today? And, incidentally, do you have a desire to knowledgeably support the faltering marble industry in the USA today? Right now, order Sturtz & Johnson's book on JABO (JABO BOOK, P O BOX 532, Alexandria Bay, NY 13607 $50 + $5).

This book is a living history. In the vein of the 1960s publication AVANT GARDE this is the 1st Underground Marble Book!

Inspired by passion, love and knowledge these two authors have combined their experiences like chemicals in the marble mix to produce an intriguing marble book. Gorgeous covers, quotes from marble luminaries and numerous photographs throughout. The Table of Contents will draw you in: What's in a 'name; ' How marble 'Families' reddefines our collections; finnally some serious light on oxblood; marble personalities and on and on.

Finally an insider look at the operation of the marble market and marble production in such depth as to be applicable to any other segment of the marble world. Whatever you collect, after reading this book you will know more about and appreciate more what you have then you ever imagined.


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